IDE latency

  PA28 11:37 02 Oct 2003

I'm having problems with a new DVD-Writer. This is installed on IDE 2 although other combinations have been tried. SySoft Sandra advises that PCI-IDE latency is too high and can hog the bus - which fits with other symptoms evident since installing the drive. A revised value has been suggested. Anyone know how this can be adjusted as it's not evident in the AMI BIOS or in Device Manager. I'm using proprietary SiS IDE drivers on my W98SE P4 machine with 512mb DDR.

  DieSse 12:02 02 Oct 2003

"other symptoms evident" - what other symptoms please.

Latency times are not standard settings anywhere, AFAIK. There are many different types of latency - PCI-IDE latency sems odd, as it talks about two different things - are you using a plug-in IDE controller, or the standard motherboard sockets?

Just out of interest, read this article - but note it's for general info only, and not about your chipset. click here

And this rather non-conclusive thread click here

  The Sack 12:15 02 Oct 2003

the first thing i would do is take Sandra off, it will get you worried over all kinds of rubbish.

As for IDE drivers use the bod standard M$ ones as you know they work.

  PA28 13:57 02 Oct 2003

Other symptoms: DVD-RW (Pioneer 106) will happily hang the system if there's a disk in it that it doesn't like. Prevents machine booting/shutting down if there's a disk in it (deselected in BIOS as a bootup device). Will not write to certain disks (notably CD-Rs and RWs). Put it in another system (P3/450/Intel Chipset)and it works fine with all disks. Occasional delay in accessing other drives. Have stripped machine back to fdisk/format, clean install, and still the same.Memory checks OK. All system files report present and correct. Device Manager no conflicts on IDE controllers (or anything else). Am now suspecting motherboard fault. One thing that does bother me is that the memory, whilst checking out ok, comes up with a latency of 2.5 under autodetect - do you know if this sounds right for DDR? PS - bought yet another TFT last week - sorry!!!

  critic-al 17:01 02 Oct 2003

as "The Sack" says get rid of SySoft Sandra,
if you need a reliable system info program try Aida32,click here

  -pops- 18:12 02 Oct 2003

I wouldn't believe SiSoft Sandra even if it told me it was a computer program - chuck it away and get a real utility such as Aida 32.

  PA28 21:14 02 Oct 2003

OK guys - hint taken and Sandra's gone in the bin. Now what about the real problem - my DVD-RW still isn't working properly but we know the drive's OK. In Nero 6 I get the message SCSI/IDE Timeout, or sometimes Unexpected Error. Fine with DVD-RW but hates CD-Rs. Now writing to CD-Rs to my old Memorex on the same IDE with no problem (and I've tried every possible combination on both IDE1 and 2, Master and Slave, plus new IDE cable and error is consistent). ASPIs checked present and OK, and no conflicts anywhere on the system.

  -pops- 21:24 02 Oct 2003

This is not an answer to your problem but, I keep my old CD writer as well as my DVD writer and use each for its specific purpose. My reasoning is that I burn far more CDs than DVDs that I would rather use the cheaper CD burner for general purpose CD burning to save wear and tear on the more expensive device.

  PA28 20:25 03 Oct 2003

Pops - yes, that's exactly what I've done. Mainly because my Memorex CD writer is faster than the DVD writer (and totally reliable).

Diesse - I may have misled you with the error message that SSS provided. It reads (precisely!) "SiS5513EIDE Controller A, B step. PCI Latency too high" then the remarks about the device hogging the bus. Any ideas on this (or have I upset you with my reference to TFT so you're not talking to me anymore? Sorry!)

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