ide hdd to sata mobo

  llollipoppi 20:50 30 Nov 2011

Hi I bought this convertor the hdd is not recognised no matter what I try, the convertor has its own power supply which is connected up to the main psu. I have also connected the IDE hdd to power supply and tried all the sata ports.

Not recognised in the bios - any ideas? Has anyone had this issue before?

I'm upgrading a pc for a friend they had limited cash so only got a barebones bundles - i know it would have been esaire just to buy a sata drive.

Any help appreciated folks

Thanks L

  robin_x 21:08 30 Nov 2011

IDE HDD jumper settings? Should be Master?? Or CS? Or doesn't it matter?

Have other IDE devices been left without a Master??

I must admit I don't really know

Some seemingly useful Googles here

  llollipoppi 21:38 30 Nov 2011


My CD ROM is in the ide on M/B so i'm going to try and take the jumpers out of that and put the hdd into slave as it doesnt currently have any jumpers. Its very frustrating!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 30 Nov 2011

If the hard drive is not recognised in BIOS then you need to set BIOS to AHCI

  T0SH 10:13 01 Dec 2011

These devices are bi-directional and the sata port descriptive names are sometimes not the best?, (I suppose since they are made at very low cost in China this should not be surprising):¬)

It is not clear from your post, if the relevant drive is hard or optical but in either case unless it is a primary boot device there is no need to have it detected by the bios for it to be available from within the windows os

Cheers HC

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