IDE fault or somthing else

  ACOLYTE 01:15 02 Jun 2007

Im having a bit of trouble with of my pc's,yesterday it locked up for about 5 mins,then started to beep like mad i had to restet it,after this it ran a scandisk and deleted loads of files.

Then when it booted into windows it just turned off,and wouldnt turn back on.
I took the side off and looked around and narrwowed the fault to what i think is the IDE port on the mobo,but its a strange fault,if i connect the hdd and turn on the pc it starts for like 1 second then turns off
if i take out the power from the hdd,it turns off,
if i leave the power and take out the IDE cable from hdd it turns off,if i connect a CD drive and the hard drive together on same cable it boots up but doesnt recognise the hdd in bios but it does see the CD drive.
I thought it might be a fualty cable and changed it to a known good cable but the same thing happens.
I then tried the hdd in another pc as slave and it was picked up and worked fine,the only way i can get the other pc to boot is to have both a cd and hdd on the same cable but then the hdd doesnt show up in the bios.
I did try to have the hdd and cd on seperate cables from IDE1 and IDE2 but the pc does the same thing turns on for a second then goes off,im stumped.

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