twin 13:46 30 Nov 2004

I need advice on buying the right PCI IDE Controller.
One of my motherboards IDE slots has failed. The board is a PcChips M848ALU SKT A SIS 748 400 DDR AGPx8 ATA133 .I bought it from ebuyer. im' looking to pay Around £15. I have seen some on ebuyer for under this price. but i dont have a clue to which one i need.
At the moment i have the HDD&CDROM on the one cable.


  TomJerry 14:22 30 Nov 2004

the cheap ebuyer branded one should be fine. ebuyer down, cannot find the link now.

but maybe better off with a new motherboard

  TomJerry 15:58 30 Nov 2004

Ebuyer PCI ATA133 RAID Controller Card £11.74 (ou of stock) click here

Innovision EIO DM-8401H Ata133 IDE Controller Card £14.34 click here

  leo49 16:50 30 Nov 2004

The Innovision one cited above is excellent - I've installed it in several Pcs and installation couldn't be simpler.Plug it into a spare PCI slot,start PC,new hardware wizard gets driver from supplied CD and Bob's your uncle.It also comes with an IDE ribbon in the box.

  Jeffers22 17:33 30 Nov 2004

I use a Promise TX2 IDE controller - it also worked simply and straight out of the box. Fast too! Newer model is probably even better (mine is 2.5 years old)

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