IDE Controller

  StephenRogers 16:54 04 Sep 2004

After a difficult couple of days attempting to install XP SP2, I have coaxed my PC back to life.
When I start up, the IDE controller now spends a while 'detecting'
It then gives up because the is no disk attached.

The rest of the start up is then very slow, as is the running of the computer after that.

What can I do to soothe my stressed out IDE Controller?

do you know of any excellent sites where I can learn more about IDE controllers, BIOS and related topics from a starting point of knowing nothing?

  StephenRogers 13:43 06 Sep 2004

So how do I sort out my IDE controller failing to detect a disk, and SMART BIOS not working?

Is this lokely to be what is causing such a long startup? (Long time on the 'windows is starting' screen)

Is it likely that the SP2 install attempt has caused this problem, or is it because I had to alter settings to get the computer to boot from CD (to recover from SP2 induced startup loop) and haven't resored my settings properly?

please help

  cga 07:57 07 Sep 2004

I am usuming that you mean that you have 1 disk and the system then takes a while trying to detect a second (non-existant) disk.

If this is the case then go into the BIOS and set the missing device from AUTO to NONE.

  cga 07:58 07 Sep 2004

usuming = asuming

  StephenRogers 11:57 07 Sep 2004

Thanks for that - are the BIOS settings the one's I find from the setup screen? (hitting delete from splash screen)or am I completely on the wrong track?

I'm thinking that even if that is one way in to BIOS, there has to be a better one?

  cga 12:16 07 Sep 2004

That is the normal way.

  StephenRogers 11:06 08 Sep 2004

...but I think I might have to pay someone to come in and help me on this - I'm thinking there's nothing like a bit of random amateur tinkering with BIOS settings to make a computer really unhappy.

unless you can tell me where in BIOS to find this IDE controller? I'm not quite sure how to tell a contoller apart from a disk, and really don't want to make the HDD unhappy as I have recently realised that my back-up routines are not up to scratch.

  cga 12:49 08 Sep 2004

There no distinct settings for the ide controller that you have to worry about. What you are looking for is the settings for the 'disks' (actually the IDE ports).

As you go through each one you can change the settings from AUTO to USER to NONE. From your post it sounds as if all are set to AUTO even though one is not present. Just setting this to NONE will solve the problem you describe.

You should end up with AUTO settings for your primary disk and any CD/DVD drives - the rest set to none.

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