IDE connection order

  [DELETED] 11:13 04 Mar 2006

Currently have DVD-RW and 80GB HDD both set as master on separate IDE cables. I want to add a CD-ROM and 2nd HDD. Having read the other posts about best way to connect, many seem to advise putting all HDD on 1 cable, and optical on the other.

However I tend to copy CD's a fair bit on the fly, so would it be better to have the opticals on separate cables?

I also want to use the PC for video editing etc. I was planning to use the 2nd HDD to store all the raw video, transferring data to the 1st HDD when it comes to the final rendering, and then burning to DVD.

Am I right in thinking that I would be better to have the HDD on separate cables also for faster data transfer between HDDs. ie you get better data transfer between drives that are on separate IDE cables.

Some have commented that the CD/DVD will slow down the HDD data transfer speed, but others say this is no longer an issue.

The final set up would be
primary IDE: master 1st HDD, slave CD
secondary IDE: master 2nd HDD, slave DVD-RW

Any thoughts as to my logic (or lack of..)

  Audeal 11:50 04 Mar 2006

I have always understood that having two CD/DVD's on one IDE Cable can cause conflicts. I certainly had this problem myself using this setup some time ago and no longer use this method. I keep CD/DVD's on separate cables.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:19 04 Mar 2006

Having a CD and HDD on the same cable slows down the HDD to the speed of the CD.

Howerver if copying on the fly is your priority then
IDE0 master = HDD with op system
IDE0 slave = CD\ DVD rom
IDE1 master = CD\ DVD writer
IDE1 slave = second hdd

  [DELETED] 18:56 05 Mar 2006

the only thing now is to see if the cables are long enough to reach everywhere!

Anyone got views on Fruitbats recommendation/comments? :-)

  chub_tor 19:02 05 Mar 2006

In all my self assembled systems I have always put the CD/DVD writer as IDE1 master, the CDROM as IDE1 slave and the hard drive(s) on IDE0. Using various versions of Roxio Easy Media Creator I have never had a problem when copying on the fly.

  Stuartli 22:40 05 Mar 2006

That's the recognised method although it would normally be stated and listed as Primary and Secondary IDE Channels (latter for optical drives).

  [DELETED] 23:44 05 Mar 2006

I use HDs on IDE0 and Opticals on IDE1 - with the DVD writer as Master.

The interfaces of hard drives and optical drives are not identical - using both on the same IDE channel *may* cause problmes.

I copy on the fly, and have never had any problems.

This is normally regarded as the correct method, though I know other mixes can work. Using this *standard* method does not cause any performance problems to the best of my knowledge.

Have a read here click here

  Stuartli 23:48 05 Mar 2006

That's exactly the same point I made...:-)

It's the method I've always used because, as you also point out, it's the accepted norm.

  Stuartli 23:49 05 Mar 2006

>>I have always understood that having two CD/DVD's on one IDE Cable can cause conflicts>>

Providing the rewriter is set as Master and the ROM drive as Slave you shouldn't have any problems.

  [DELETED] 23:49 05 Mar 2006

For the very best performance - put in an IDE card with two more channels - and put each device on it's own channel.

  [DELETED] 23:50 05 Mar 2006

Yup - just re-inforcing what you said.

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