IDE connection for BenQ CDRW?

  matlock man 20:14 17 Dec 2004

I have bought a CDRW for an old Tiny machine, but the IDE plug is too long to fit the new socket. Is there an adapter which will help, please?

  jack 20:22 17 Dec 2004

More detail please.
The harddrive is connected to the IDE socket and there usually two. The IDE cable has usually
spare connector unless your existing CD drive is on the same line. In which case it is possibly best to
set the new drive jumper to slave and replace old CD with the new one.
If you intend to hsve it as a second set the jumper to Master
aand connect with a new cable to the unoccupied IDE socket, which is ajacent to the one feefdng the HDD and CD

  matlock man 20:37 17 Dec 2004

Hi Jack
Thanks for the response
The problem is that the IDE lead doesn't fit into the socket on the back of the BenQ CDRW

  jimv7 21:17 17 Dec 2004

Send it to me as my daughter's scsi cdrw has gone down.

  jack 22:31 17 Dec 2004

Bela has a point
Is it an IDE drive you have purchased
Are you sure this is an IDE drive in your machine?
It would be a rare thing for a Mass market machine like TINY to be SCSCI
So what does it say on the box of the new drive or on the drive?

IDE cable connectors[the flat 80 line ] are standard
In theory you simply replace the existing drive for the new one.
I wonder if you are offering the cable to the drive the right way
Take a look at the dot sketch below this simulates the back of the drive and what goes where

.. ... ... ................. ...
1 2 3 44444 5

1 ignore
2 audio
3 Jumper [set to slave middle one]
4 IDE colour sripe to right notch on top
5. Power

Is it like this?

How does that look?

  matlock man 20:46 21 Dec 2004

Thanks for the responses
I think the old drive is a SCSI connection!
Would there be an adapter to make the new CDRW fit to the old cable??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:53 21 Dec 2004

No adapter two very differnet systems.

The flat cable that connects the mother board to the back of the hard drive should be IDE and have two connectors on it one for the harddrive can you use the other for your cd?

There are two slots on the mother board for IDE cables they are very cheap from the computer shops.

  jack 12:27 22 Dec 2004

Looks like you will have to Bin the Tiny computer and a got one to fit the MODERN drive you have purchased -thats the way of modern technology- see recent thread on 'Upgrading' unless you are a devout hoobyist it is selbom worth spending monet on systems for than a year or so old.
It is supposed to be a retro fitting/lagacy copatable business but tech., moves so fast that it really is not a practible idea.

  ACOLYTE 12:41 22 Dec 2004

click here

dont know if this will help.

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