IDE channels

  bythor 15:43 21 Feb 2004

HI folks.
A couple of q's I hope someone here can help with.

a) I'm running Win 98 on a P2 400Mhz. I have both my hard drive and cd burner on the same IDE cable and to the IDE primary. To the secondary I have my LS120 floppy drive and dvd drive. Can anyone tell me if this is best, or what is the optimal set up for these drives/IDE ports?

b) I've just upgraded my hard drive to a bigger one (Seagate), and now that I'm happy all is well I'd like to add my old drive (quantum fireball)as a slave to keep photos etc. In view of the above question, what do I now need to do to get all the drives to work in 'harmony'? (No more IDE ports).

c) What needs to be done to the old drive to make it work as a storage folder? Do I simply format it?

  Rennaissance 15:51 21 Feb 2004

i thinkn firstly get rid of that old floppy drive as it is wasting your ide channel. And put the cd burner and dvdrom on the secondary ide channel, cd rw as master dvd rom as slave.

Then take your old drive and connect it with your new hdd and make that slave, then i think you can load into windows and format the drive from there.

  bythor 15:58 21 Feb 2004

Thanks for the quick reply Rennaissance. You advice is helpful. I guess I only use the floppy very occasionally so could do without it.

  Rennaissance 16:00 21 Feb 2004

i think floppy drives usually has its own port on the mother board. An fdd port, like ide but with less pins or something.

  norman47 16:07 21 Feb 2004

You will probably have to sacrifice the LS120 drive. As you rightly say this uses a 40 pin IDE connector and not the 34 pin floppy connector.


You could get a PCI controller card. click here

This would allow the slave hard drive and upto 3 more peripherals to be added to the computer.

  bythor 16:19 21 Feb 2004

thanks Norman. I'll have a look...

  woodchip 16:26 21 Feb 2004

First a Floppy does not use a EIDE. You need to buy a Promise PCI EIDE card that will give you an extra 4 EIDE channels

  Rayuk 16:47 21 Feb 2004

An LS120 does

  norman47 01:29 22 Feb 2004

As Rayuk says the LS120 uses the IDE ribbon cable and not the floppy cable. click here

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