IDE channel set up

  [DELETED] 17:47 15 Nov 2003

What would be the best way for the following 4 devices:

Hard drive, DVD Rom drive, DVD writer, CD writer.

I'm thinking:

Primary master - hard drive

Primary slave - DVD Rom

Secondary master - DVD writer

Secondary slave - cd writer

I'm keeping the CDRW as it writes CDRs faster than the DVDRW.


  [DELETED] 18:00 15 Nov 2003

You may find useful info here:

click here

Your idea looks OK to me, but it may not make much difference how you connect the DVD/CD drives

  Bris 19:51 15 Nov 2003

An IDE channel will run at the speed of the slowest device. Your idea looks ok but maybe a bit of exerimentation will be necessary to determine the best combination. You may have to sacrifice one of your devices if HDD access slows unacceptably.

  [DELETED] 20:21 15 Nov 2003

not good

any optical drive (cd or dvd) will slow down your hard drive.

do not share anything with the hard drive if possible.

if necessary, get a pci card to enable 4 more ide devices.

i have just sold one of mine for £20.00 to someone on ebay with exactly your predicament.

if you then put a second hard drive as primary slave you would have a backup.

or get a RAID card so that all 4 ide devices can be optical.


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