IDE Channel for second hard drive

  Newuser3068 17:49 06 Feb 2003

I'm about to fit a second hard drive to my PC, in order to use it for a backup drive (with Norton Ghost). I have my C: drive as the Master on Channel 1. CD and DVD drives occupy the Master and Slave positions on Channel 2.

Can anyone please advise me whether it's OK to fit the second hard drive in the Slave position on Channel 1? Any disadvantages to this configuration?


  Djohn 17:57 06 Feb 2003

Newuser3068, under most circumstances, that will be the correct way to do it. Regards. J.

  misery 19:23 06 Feb 2003

but do remember the speed of the slowest drive will prevail.

  DieSse 19:37 06 Feb 2003

Sorry but this is old myth - Both drives will run at their full potential on all modern IDE controllers.

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