IDE Channel Configuration

  walesrob 01:32 28 Mar 2003

Hiya all :-)

I'm getting conflicting advice on setting up 4 IDE devices on the primary and secondary channels, in my case a 40GB harddrive, a CDRW, a DVDRom and a Zip 100. I know that the CDRW must occupy master on secondary channel and the harddrive must be master on primary channel. Now, where should Zip and DVD go as the slave devices? Would I be right in saying the DVD should be Primary Channel slave and Zip secondary channel slave? Someone put me out of my misery!! TIA

  hugh-265156 01:35 28 Mar 2003

dvd sounds good to me not sure about zip.

  Megatyte 01:36 28 Mar 2003

Either will do.


  powerless 01:44 28 Mar 2003

Primary Master - HDD

Primary Slave - ZIP


Secondary Master - DVD

Secondary Slave - CD-RW

  DieSse 01:57 28 Mar 2003

Zip drives can be very touchy indeed about where they are in multi-drive situations. Be prepared to have to experiment.

  tbh72 02:01 28 Mar 2003






Why? Simple, try and config them into the most useable structure across the four channels. CD burning software will be used on IDE 0 transfering the information to IDE 1. Same with the ZIP "Note Disable the ZIP in the bios - To enable drive letter configuration in windows".

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