IDE Cables - all the same?

  [DELETED] 09:57 16 Sep 2003

The slave connector on my IDE cable came out and got stuck in the IDE port on my new DVD writer (aarrgghh!!). So after spending ages fishing the connector out of there, I'll need to get a new IDE cable.

Are they all bog standard cables or is there a specific one I should get? The cable will be connecting my DVD reader as the master and the DVD writer as the slave.


  [DELETED] 10:06 16 Sep 2003

No they're not all the same.

There's 80 wire cables and 40wire cables. Most cables these days are 80 wire, and should work OK - BUT I have met a few optical drives that seem to object.

So just get one the same as the one you've taken out (count the wires, not the pins - they're all the same!) - it'll be obvious.

  [DELETED] 10:07 16 Sep 2003

They're not ALL the same, sam1981, but for your needs a bog standard 40-pin cable will do (£couple).

  [DELETED] 10:11 16 Sep 2003

I'd have said more likely need 80-pin if he's got a decent DVD writer.

  [DELETED] 10:11 16 Sep 2003

OK, thanks for the prompt responses and info. I'll sort something out today.

  [DELETED] 12:41 16 Sep 2003

not if it is only UDMA 33.

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