IDE 1 + 2 but can only get THREE devices to work

  Wulfrune 21:17 08 Apr 2004

I have 2 80 gig HD's and a dvd/rw and a cd/rw. No matter what I do I cannot get all 4 working at the same time ! I've tried all kinds of permutations e.g. the 2 HD's and 1 dvd or cd / rw or both dvd and cd and 1 HD, but can I get the lot ot work together? not on your life. I have very little hair now and can ill afford to go on pulling out what little remains, please help.

Oh by the way... I do have on the motherboard ide's 3 and 4 although I've never tried them.

I've even swopped around the ide cables too... no avail.

  cycoze 21:29 08 Apr 2004

You have checked the master/slave jumpers are set on each drive correctly?

  arricarry 21:55 08 Apr 2004

Is the BIOS set to autodetect?

  GaT7 22:24 08 Apr 2004

When I had a similar problem found that one of the IDE cables I was using was faulty.

  Wulfrune 22:51 08 Apr 2004

cycoze thanks but yes ... checked it

arricarry Same as above

Crossbow7, aye mate swopped em around ... they're working fine

OMG what a nightmare

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 23:25 08 Apr 2004

What can you get working togehter? and in what order is it a cd/dvd drive that dont work or a hard drive?You may have one of the dvd's that dont like bieng on the same cable as another optical drive try it on its own if it works then most like its one of the drives.


  dazzling (work) 23:25 08 Apr 2004

put your hard drives on 3 & 4 then you wont have a problem somtimes cd and dvd dont like to be together or it could be a fault on the ide channel.youll probably have to install the raid drivers before you can put use ide 3&4.ihave 4 hard drives dvd rom cdrw and dvdrw all living happily together touchwood.darren

  Wulfrune 08:13 10 Apr 2004

Thanks, it appears that you were right it WAS the IDE cables that were at fault, I purchased 2 new ones and it was a case of problems solved.

Big lesson for me there I think:


I thought I DID check it, but it seems a)I didn't check enough or b)My conclusions were wrong.

Anyway, thanks to all for posting replies.

And seeing as you guys always seems to come up with the right answers I have another question...

Does anyone know of a fool proof way I can make myself filthy rich without doing anything and a way I can make Nora Jones me bird?



  GaT7 22:23 10 Apr 2004

Wulfrune, glad you're sorted : ) I often make the same mistake too & put the obvious last - basic human frailty.

I'm afraid you'll have to start another thread about your latest 'bird & fortune' query ; ))) - of course, that's if the FE allows it!

Please put a tick in the resolved box when you get the chance. Ta, G(click here for more info)

  arricarry 22:53 10 Apr 2004

Become an MP

  arricarry 22:54 10 Apr 2004

Or better still an MEP

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