id mobo toget drivers

  MidgetMan 17:39 07 Nov 2003

How do I go about finding out which mobo is in a pc so that the drivers for the onboard graphics/sound/lan card etc can be downloaded?
The reason I ask is that I have been given a pc with win 2000 installed but the passwords have been lost (ex business machine that went bust) I want to re-format to put me on but I will lose all the drivers etc.

  Rayuk 18:04 07 Nov 2003

Download Aida32 Personal System Info
click here

Or you could also download Windrivers backup,that is if you can copy them onto cd
click here

  MidgetMan 18:47 07 Nov 2003

thanks for those links, but reading through them it would appear that they work from windows, the problem I have is the passwords to logon are not known, so have to try to gather the info from a command line via disk? The hdd will re-formated once I can get this info as winn 2000 is not registered to me and therefore cannot be used, the guy who owned the pc's has basically walked away from the business and his wife, she was left with them to disposs of but as she did not work in the office has no clue to the administrator passwords.

  Rayuk 18:52 07 Nov 2003

Have a look at the motherboard itself see if there are any markings at all on it,you may be lucky and find manufacturer and model no on it.

Can you boot up at all and see any data on screen before it stops you logging on,you may have to press pause to see it.

  alan 2273 18:53 07 Nov 2003

try this link click here

  Rayuk 18:54 07 Nov 2003

You should be able to load Windows onto it although it will run slow,may give you a chance to have a search for the drivers you need.

  MidgetMan 19:29 07 Nov 2003

"PS You should be able to load Windows onto it although it will run slow,may give you a chance to have a search for the drivers you need."

sorry could you explain more???

  Rayuk 19:44 07 Nov 2003

Load Windows then Aida 32 to obtain information for your motherboard graphics sound modem lan etc.
You can then obtain the drivers and load them up via cd or floppy

  MidgetMan 20:08 08 Nov 2003

have now sorted, just re- formated and when I installed windows it seemed to pick up all the drivers needed!, wish I could get rid of the NEC screen that shows at boot up!!, BUT HAS IT CAUSED ANOTHER PROBLEM??????? click here

  Rayuk 12:17 09 Nov 2003

Have you checked in DSevice Manager for yellow question marks for any of your hardware?

  Rayuk 12:20 09 Nov 2003

Sorry "Device Manager"

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