ICS Working But My 3 PCs Cant Share Files

  belcanto 18:31 08 Aug 2005

Dear All,

I have an all belkin wireless adsl modem/router setup at home. I have two base units and one laptop, all with good specs. The problem is that they can share the internet connection but not see each others shared files. I have win xp home ed on two of them and win xp professional on the other, am using latest zone alarm on them all.

Plus two of them have norton and the other has avg7. They all have different names for descriptions but are all on the same network. Can anyone tell me what it is that I'm doing wrong please.


  scotty 20:10 08 Aug 2005

Try running the XP wireless setup wizard. Goto Start\All programs\accessories\communications to find the wizard.

  Taff36 23:11 08 Aug 2005

Or Start>Control Panel> Network Connection Wizard (Hi Scotty)

This link has some good basic information on how to set it up but you`re in good hands anyway! click here

  geewis357 08:09 10 Aug 2005

Hi guys I have had this prob befor its a case that Home and Pro don't fully network. Its ok for an Internet connection shareing but for file and printer sharing thats a different matter, if poss try XP Home on all PCs

  LastChip 15:58 10 Aug 2005

Just set up "simple file sharing" in XP Pro.

  LastChip 16:12 10 Aug 2005

I have come across confusion on this subject in XP. This is due to there being TWO types of file sharing.

If you just drag a file into the "Shared Folder", it is NOT sufficient to share over the network. All it does, is give permissions to enable that file to be shared by different users on the SAME computer.

In order to share over a network, you MUST right-click the file or drive; accept Microsoft's security warning and finally give it the permissions you wish.

I don't know if this applies to you belcanto, but it's a thought.

Further, by far the most common cause of network grief are Firewalls. If you have any running, close them down while you sort the network out. Once you have full network capabilities, you can reinstate them one at a time, so if the network ceases to function, you know where the problem lays.

If you're uncomfortable with that whilst on the Internet, just remove the physical connection while you're doing the troubleshooting.

  belcanto 21:11 28 Aug 2005

Problem solved at least for now

  belcanto 21:12 28 Aug 2005

Problem solved at least for now

  MBHealy 14:45 01 Sep 2005

I have exactly the same problem. I have a desktop and 3 laptops connected to a Belkin Pre-N
cable modem router, the desktop wired and the laptops wirelessly. All have internet connection working fine but cannot see each other on the network I have set up. When I try to 'see' other computers on the network it says the workgroup is not accessible and that I might not have permission to use this network resource etc. etc. I really don't know what or how to solve this. I have done the file sharing tweaking etc. but it still isn't happening. All computers have winXP Home except on e of the laptops which has XP Pro. Please help in words of one sylable! A lot of the links to wesites that I have tried in my quest for an answer are very confusing
Thanks for any help

  selfbuild 18:21 01 Sep 2005

First of you need to make sure that all the PCs belong to the same workgroup and have different names.

The best way to do this is to right click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name tab. What you are looking for is that the Full Computer Name is different on each machine and the Workgroup name to be the same. If they arn't, click on the Change radio button and make the adjustments. NOTE: If make any changes on any of the PCs, then you will have to restart the PC before the changes come into effect.

All you have to do then is select a file you want to share, right click it, goto Sharing and Security and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems accessing the shared file on another machine, disable the firewalls and see if it makes a differance.

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