ICS on Windows Vista Help!!

  pelloplasma 08:49 11 Oct 2007


I have an Acer Aspire 5100 running on Windows Vista Home Premium edition.
My only option for internet wired ethernet but i have some other gadgets that i would like to connect to the internet wirelessly.
I tried to share my connection but with no success.
Can anybody give a sort of a tutorial on how to set up a shared internet network?

Before anybody says it i can't use router. It's not an option I have.


  pelloplasma 09:21 11 Oct 2007

probably should mention that when i tried to share my LAN (right-click properties, shared tab) I get the error message
an error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled

  T0SH 13:33 11 Oct 2007

site with vista ICS help here

click here

Cheers HC

  mgmcc 21:00 11 Oct 2007

Setting up ICS in Vista isn't really very different from XP. However, if your Router has an IP address of you will have to change it to a different Subnet so that it doesn't conflict with ICS which *MUST* allocate to the "host" PC's network adapter that connects with the "client".

If you have this conflict, which might be the cause of the error, change the router's IP address to, for example,

  pelloplasma 21:10 11 Oct 2007

Thanks for the advice.
But I don't have access to the router.
How to i change the Subnet?

  mgmcc 07:33 12 Oct 2007

How are you connecting to the internet and what is the IP address of whichever "network adapter" you are connected to the internet with?

For example, if you are using a USB Modem, you will have the IP address allocated by the ISP. If you are connected via a Local Area Network of some form, you will have a LAN IP address using one of the address ranges reserved for local networks, most commonly a 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x address.

  pelloplasma 08:51 12 Oct 2007

My ip address is and the default gateway is
I'm connected via LAN.

  mgmcc 12:10 12 Oct 2007

You are connecting via a LAN which uses the Subnet and the Router's IP address is

This means you will be unable to set up "Internet Connection Sharing", because the adapter that connects to the ICS "client" must have the address which will conflict with the router which already has this address.

Having said that, why are you not connecting all of your "computers" to that same LAN?

  pelloplasma 12:14 12 Oct 2007

Because my other gadgets don't have ethernet cable and because it's a network in a building the landlord requests the MAC address of each item that connects to the internet.

Thanks 4 all your help though :)

  mgmcc 19:06 12 Oct 2007

You can get round that ;)

Connect a Wireless "Cable/DSL" router to the existing LAN connection and use the router's facility to *clone* the MAC address that's already registered with the landlord. You can then run your own Local Area Network and connect whatever you want to it.

As far as the landlord is concerned, there is a single device (whose MAC address he has) connected to his router. There isn't a problem running a "sub-router" connected to a main router. I actually have Cable broadband, but I regularly run a second Cable/DSL router connected to the first one.

  pelloplasma 19:11 12 Oct 2007

I already tried that. But I can't internet through the router.
I'm not sure how the landlord has the network set.
I also tried a router with bridge mode but that doesn't work either.

Thanks anw.

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