ICS problem

  bluesbrother 20:34 15 Jun 2005

Two PCs, running Win 98SE, connected using crossover cable. Both can see each other OK and the main comp can access the internet. However when I install ICS to enable the client comp to access the internet, the main comp can't get on the net. If I disable ICS I can hit the refresh button and get connected instantly. All settings seem OK when compaired with the info on sites like,
click here and click here

I forgot to say I'm trying to connect using NTL broadband, who gave me some very useful advice when I phoned them.
"Contact a network expert, we don't do that sort of thing"

  howard60 16:21 16 Jun 2005

I used to be with NTL and was very glad when I moved to leave them behind. My network with a crossover cable worked fine on that system. Firstly ics must only be enabled on the pc that is directly connected to ntl. The other one just connects to the internet through another pc on the network. I normally set the ip address manually 192 168 0 2 for the non ntl one sub netmask 255 255 255 0 Then if you have zone alarm installed on the ntl pc add the ip address for the second pc. Make sure both pcs are on the same workgroup I use MShome. I always put anyold file in the shared folders on both pcs dont know why but it seems to work better with it.

  briggzy 21:11 16 Jun 2005

You may need to run the ntl setup disk on the client pc to register the computers mac address on their network, make sure that you select "second pc" during the setup.

  bluesbrother 00:34 17 Jun 2005

Thanks for the input guys.

howard60, I have tried every IP address combination without any success and I was pretty sure I had zonealarm configured properly, but you've got me wondering now.

briggzy, I never considered running the NTL setup on the client. I'll give it a try.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again.

  mgmcc 07:49 19 Jun 2005

<<< I was pretty sure I had zonealarm configured properly >>>

In the "Host" PC, the Internet Zone Security level must be reduced from High to Medium or Internet Connection Sharing traffic will be blocked.

<<< I never considered running the NTL setup on the client. I'll give it a try >>>

As the "Client" PC is getting its internet access from the "Host" over the LAN and not connecting directly to the ISP, you should not try to run any NTL software to get online. If the "Host" is running and online, the "Client" should automatically have internet access.

...not sure though why enabling ICS in the host PC should prevent it from going online. Check that it is still getting an IP address from NTL - open a Command Prompt window, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter. See what IP address your internet connection is getting.

  briggzy 17:51 19 Jun 2005

not sure exactly how ntl work this but i have had several ntl installations using wired and wireless routers where the internet connection is not available until the setup has been run on the client pc, symptoms are that the 1st pc works fine and pinging external web addresses works ok on the 2nd pc but no web access, during the software setup procedure there are clear choices for 1st or 2nd pc etc and web access has worked after the install.

  mgmcc 23:02 19 Jun 2005

I bow to your superior knowledge of the workings of NTL ;)

However, the logic of it escapes me, because with a router in place NTL *SHOULDN't* behave any differently from any other ISP.

  mgmcc 23:05 19 Jun 2005

Disregard previous posting - there is no router involved!

I'll just plead insanity ;)

  briggzy 18:41 20 Jun 2005

Not superior knowledge, using all other broadband suppliers inc blueyonder there are no similar issues, any pc behind the router should have web access due to the router doing nat and this is true also for ntl, i have no clue as to why i have had to use the ntl setup disk to get a pc on the net!, ics is acting as the router in this case.

  bluesbrother 17:26 25 Jun 2005

Sorry it took so long to get back, been kind of busy. I'll try your suggestions and let you know how I get on as soon as possible.

  bluesbrother 12:30 10 Jul 2005

Hi! Its been a while, but I'm back again.

I tried installing NTL on the client but as it cant access the net, it won't install. The problem is with the host. IPCONFIG /ALL shows the same IP adress before and after ICS is enabled.
Fortunatly this is not an urgent problem so I can mess about with it for a bit longer yet. So if anyone has any other ideas, I'd be gratefull.

Bye for now.

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