ICS Limitations

  griffo 17:51 15 Sep 2003

we are using a W98SE PC to connect to the internet and suspect there may be a limit to the number of concurrent connections within ICS. Can anyone please advise 1. is this so, how many? 2. suggest the best alternative software for 8 or 9 connections?


  [DELETED] 17:54 15 Sep 2003

A router os the best methord.

I am not aware of the limitations, but maybe so.

  [DELETED] 18:00 15 Sep 2003

I think the limit on ICS connections is 5 Pc's for Win98 SE.

Your options are probably, use a program such as WinRoute on the Win98 PC, or reformat that PC and use something like Smoothwall (linux distribution designed as a router/firewall).

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  [DELETED] 18:15 15 Sep 2003

ICS works with the amount of machines you have.

  griffo 20:30 15 Sep 2003

cheers - I suspect you may be right, we have been using 5 connections for some time and have recently added a 6th. Although it has been fine most of the time, I guess that's because all 6 weren't on together?

A reformat isn't really on as the PC in question acts as our proxy server and we don't really have the knowledge to go this way. Winroute may be OK, does it effectively enlarge the number of concurrent connections we could have?

  griffo 20:33 15 Sep 2003

is this right? apparently XP only allows 10 (so I'm told), so Q-Bie's info looks likely? Sorry to question, just looking for the right way out of our problem. Thanks for your interest, welcome anything.

  [DELETED] 01:59 16 Sep 2003

More info, found this on a Google search from a Microsoft online Chat:

Barbara: And the next question: How many ICS clients does ICS host

Mike: That?s a good question. I believe the license limit is five, the
theoretical limit is probably your bandwidth, as far as your speed of
connection. But the license limit is five clients.

Barbara: Thank you, Mike. And another question: How many ICS clients
does ICS host support?

Mike: I think that?s pretty much the same question, five is the limit.

  griffo 07:05 16 Sep 2003

that certainly endorses your understanding - I'm sure you're right. Thanks again, we will investigate Winroute to see if that will solve it - cheers

  [DELETED] 11:21 16 Sep 2003

Morning griffo

Tried to post this last night but the connection kept dropping.

EULE does state a max of 5 machines using ICS.

If you were using the M$ network protocol ie: the max use in theory is 253 users.

Personally I have used ICS on Win98 with 20+ users with no problems.

Another good Application for this is Winsuite.


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