ICS - done it many times before but not this time!

  May the Schwarz be with you... 02:23 09 Apr 2004

Hi, I have been wasting the past few days trying without success to connect my 2 PCs together so that they recognise each other in My Network Places and then allow both PCs to use the internet. They both have Windows XP Professional installed. I have been through every single thread about networking and although some links have been quite useful, I still can't get it right. I have done this many times before, after formatting my hard drive but every single time, I never get it right the first time and therefore, spending days before I get it right. I blame myself for not noting down how I did it last time. It's always the same problem every time. The websites recommended haven't been much help overall because they always go off-track and I get lost.

Anyways, my PC has a USB broadband modem connected to it. My PC and the other one both have onboard LAN on them and seem to be working fine. I have connected both PC using a crossover cable. What I want to do first is getting each PC to recognise the other and be able to see each other's shared folders. Then I want to share the internet connection so that when I open up Internet Explorer on the other PC, the webpage will hoepfully appear!

Anyways, on my PC in Network Connections, I have the following:

Plusnet, Connected, A360 (Native ATM Mode)

LAN or High-Speed Internet:
ATM Connection, Enabled, A360 (Native ATM Mode)
1394 Connection 2, Enabled, 1394 Net Adapter

And on the other PC:

LAN or High-Speed Internet:
Local Area Connection 2, Enabled, SiS 900-based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

I ran Network Setup Wizard on my PC, picking the 'This computer connects directly to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer' option and then at the next screen, I choose 'Plusnet A360 (Native ATM Mode) as my Internet connection. I then select 'Determine the appropriate connections for me (Recommended)' and then leave my workgroup name as MSHOME. Then thing where an object moves between 2 PCs starts and afterwards, I'm asked to restart my PC. Am I'm doing this correctly step-by-step or should I have chosen something else?

I then run Network Setup Wizard on the other PC as well. I pick the 'This computer connects to ther Internet through another computer on my network or rhtough a residential gateway' option and like before, leave MSHOME as my workgroup name. I then let the wizard finish and restart the PC. Once again, am I doing everything right?

After that, I'm completly stuck and don't know what to do next. I have tried all sorts of things such as selecting 'Allow other computers to access the Internet though this computer' when I go to Properties of BOTH my Plusnet and ATM connection icon. I can't remember which one it was but sometimes, if I attempt to dial-up to the net again, I get an error 633 or another error which says my modem is missing or isn't setup properly and therefore, I'm forced to uninstall and reinstall my modem driver, which is really annoying.

So if anyone can help me, possibly step-by-step and not providing me with links to websites for me to get lost in again(!), then I would be very much grateful.


PS. I promise to write the whole thing down this time so that when I format again next time, hopefully I'll finally get it right the first time!

AH!!!!!!!!!!!! Just ran Network Setup Wizard on my PC again and the 'Please wait....' part where the PC moves from one to the other, has been going on and on for the past half an hour! What am I doing wrong?

  anon1 10:50 09 Apr 2004

Give up with ics. Go get a router and then you can use each pc independantly (no need for the host to be on).

  ensonricky 10:59 09 Apr 2004

Do you create a floppy disk from your use of the network wizard on the pc that connects to the internet and then launch the network wizard using the disk on the second pc or do you just run the wizard in the second pc from your hard disk.

I just run the Network Setup Wizard from the second PC. Anyways, I don't have a floppy drive installed in my PC (one with internet connection) because I can't be bothered to use it anymore! I get the option of using my Windows XP CD to run Network Setup Wizard on the other PC but is it any different to running it from the hard drive?

  AndySD 15:08 09 Apr 2004

What firewalls are you using?

Well, I have disabled Internet Connection Firewall on both PCs. I have ZoneAlarm installed on the main PC but have disabled it ever since I tried connecting the 2 PCs together.

  AndySD 15:22 09 Apr 2004

Try uninstalling ZoneAlarm then set up the network then reinstall ZoneAlarm. It was the only way I managed to sort out my network before I got a router.

Even when I don't have ZoneAlarm running, it can still cause problems?

  AndySD 15:32 09 Apr 2004

Yes. I had the same setup as you now have and found it was the only way to do it. (many days frustraion involved)

Microsoft now recognise it as a problem

click here

  AndySD 15:33 09 Apr 2004

Ooops heres the correct one

click here

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