ICPI 72g9140 MONITOR + ME driver?

  s1mon 09:30 08 Nov 2003


I have recently had my PC updated to Windows ME, but am unable to get the right settings for the above unbadged monitor. I've searched the web for a driver, but can't seem to get anywhere.

Can anyone advise a novice user on the best way to overcome this problem.

Many Thanks


  AndySD 09:43 08 Nov 2003

Can you look on the back of the monitor for an FCC ID and post it here.

  s1mon 09:56 08 Nov 2003

Sorry no FCC no.

Full details of label as follows:

72G9140 ICPI - PT NO 2501
SERIAL NO 72G9140N 1011993 P2
DBP VFG 243/1991

Thats everything!

Hope you can help?


  AndySD 10:24 08 Nov 2003

Did it come with the PC? If so what make/model is the pc.

or just load the svga drivers and see if these work.

1.Click on Start, select Settings, then click Control Panel.

2.Double click on Display.

3.Click on the Settings tab.

4.Click on Advanced... and select the Monitor tab.

5.Click on Change... to select the model of the Monitor you are using.

6.Click on Dont Search

7. Untick Show Compatable Hardware

8.Choose the Standard SVGA driver

  s1mon 10:59 08 Nov 2003

The machine was hand built by a mate and is pretty old! The monitor works in safe mode and I've tried standard svga settings on 800*600 16 colour, but anything beyond that and the mouse icon flashes on and off and makes the machine impossible to use.

I think the monitor is a budget IBM model but unfortunately I don't have any details.

It did however work with windows 95, but unfortunately I never noted the settings!

  AndySD 11:51 08 Nov 2003


click here

Yes its IBM but as for drivers I cant find any.... but since the monitor is pre 1993 it would not suprrise me if it will not support anything greater than 800*600 16 colour colour. Sorry I cant help more.


  s1mon 17:36 08 Nov 2003


I went back to the SVGA setting which initially was no use due to the flashing mouse icon, but changed the appearance of the desktop and bingo!

Thanks for your help.



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