Icons on windows 7

  Molly_Don 19:09 15 Feb 2010

On windows 7, is there a way to have an AV icon situated on the right hand side by with clock?

Some of the icons by the clock I don't need, like favourites / flag / battery etc., etc.,

  Molly_Don 19:26 15 Feb 2010

I think I've managed to do it

  sconedd 20:04 15 Feb 2010

Hi Molly, I'm glad you managed to sort your problem out. Perhaps you could have told us how you did it so other people can learn. Well done!. sconedd

  birdface 20:20 15 Feb 2010

Not sure but will you not need the Battery icon on there or you will not know if it is charging or not.

  Molly_Don 22:35 15 Feb 2010


I'm a novice with computers, I've never once given advice on here, I would have given instructions had I been comfortable with what I'm doing, as I'm not, I won't give any advice, your time would be better spent helping those in need on here instead of jumping on me.

  Molly_Don 22:37 15 Feb 2010

buteman, thanks, I've taken off the battery icon now, I use it mostly on the mains.

  Sea Urchin 23:55 15 Feb 2010

I don't think for one minute that sconedd was "jumping on you" - just suggesting that as you had sorted out your icon problem successfully it might benefit people in future with the same problem if you could say how you managed to do it.

But maybe it was one of those situations where you were not quite sure how you did it - in which case you probably wouldn't feel confident in advising others. Perfectly understandable :@)

  peugeot man 08:01 16 Feb 2010

To change taskbar icons, right click on date and time then select "customise notification icons"

Ot type "notification" in the search box.

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