Icons. Where are they all kept?

  Tj_El 17:18 29 Sep 2004


I have trawled through about 16 threads relating to icons but have not found the answer to my question - yet. Plus it appears I cannot use the search facility to strip out unwanted words from my search criteria :-(( but that's another issue.

I know icons have the extension 'ico' - well, that should read some icons.. I am looking for the rest of them. Anyone know where they are and what their extension is?

I don't like the new RealOne icon (big light blue circle with '1' in the middle) and want to replace it with the older deep blue 'inverted apostrophe' but I can't find the new or the older icon on my system.

Any help appreciated.

With regards,


  Stuartli 17:30 29 Sep 2004

Right click an empty area on your Desktop. Then >Properties>Desktop tab.

You can select different icon appearances from there.

  Pesala 18:07 29 Sep 2004

Right-click your shortcut to RealOne Player, select properties, and change icon. There are several to choose from in realone.exe

Icons are stored in *.exe files *.dll files and *.ico files. You will need the old RealOne Player executable to find the old icon.

  jimv7 18:17 29 Sep 2004

Also some are stored here pifmgr.dll

  Tj_El 18:18 29 Sep 2004

Pesala thanks for the info. I had looked at the icons available within the "Properties > Change icon" of the RealOne player but the one I wanted to change it to wasn't there hence the thread.

If it's not available as an ico or dll file then that probably means it's hidden within the exe file of the old program which would most probably not work properly with the upgraded version. Would that be right? Then again as it's only the icon I'll be changing....

Would it be possible then to find the icon (on a web-site say for example) capture the image and save this as an ico file to replace the new icon?

  Tj_El 19:02 29 Sep 2004

Yeeehaa!! Found the answer on this thread(click here). Tried it. It worked.

The icon is not as smooth as I'd like but that's the result of the resolution of the original picture I found and used. Anyway, I've learnt something new (as a result of my curiosity).

Thanks all. Thread clo...

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