Icons switched to the right side

  SuperX 19:15 01 Apr 2018

Hello Everyone, My desktop icons along with the start icon appear on the right side. Anyone can help me with this issue to switch them to the left side again?

  compumac 20:00 01 Apr 2018

Point at it and drag it to which side you want.

  SuperX 20:13 01 Apr 2018

Thank you for your reply but the issue is that everything is flipped to the other side and the start button cannot be dragged from right to left. Also the system tray moved from right to left. I have a screenshot but I cannot insert it here for some unknown reason.

  compumac 20:53 01 Apr 2018

Drag the system tray to the desired position.

  rdave13 22:33 01 Apr 2018

If the taskbar is on the right - vertically - then right click a blank space on it and select 'unlock the taskbar'. Drag the taskbar to the bottom of the screen and then lock it. If the taskbar is a mirror image on the bottom of the screen then I have no idea.

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