Icons identifying file types? A cry for help!!

  xoc 14:48 21 Jan 2003
  xoc 14:48 21 Jan 2003

Can anyone advise if there is a folder on computers of standard icons.
I have a problem, where windows can't find or at worst, takes me to the wrong locations, due I feel to the fact that the Icon for some files are not recognised by windows.
I admit to having changed some myself, but I suspect others have been changed by downloaded programs.
One in particular, has messed up both my log and install files.
I have tried going into properties and opting to change icons, but there is only one icon to chose from, and that is the one causing the problem.
I have looked this up in help to no avail.
Can anyone help??

  Gerrycan 15:11 21 Jan 2003

this is a great utility for what you need

click here

  MalcSP 15:45 21 Jan 2003

The Icon is associated with the file extension and is only for quick reference. It does not per se alter the program that opens the file. Click on the file of the type you want to open then go to Tools - Folder Options - and if that does not indicate the program you want to open the file click Change... and select the apprpropriate programme. Bear in mind that all files of that type will then open with that program from now till you change it again.

  xoc 16:22 31 Jan 2003

Thanks Gerrycan,
The link did the trick.

  Pesala 22:51 02 Feb 2003

Only you can do this

  woodchip 23:00 02 Feb 2003

What OS

  xoc 00:49 03 Feb 2003

Thanks to everyone who has contributed but I really thought I had it licked, and thought I had ticked the resolved button. but just as well that it is still a live issue as I find that I still have the problem with one particular icon from a program, which has latched onto every log file on my computer with result that I can't get at these files through their shortcuts but am am taken instead to this Icons program when I click on any log file.
My os is 98se.
Any ideas?????????

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