Icons have developed a extra !

  tonyx1302 18:11 05 Jan 2017

Since installing paid AVG yesterday the icons I have on my desktop all have a picture of a sheet of A4 paper with the top right hand corner down, shown in the bottom of the icon, in the lower left hand corner. Two questions 1. What does it denote ? 2. How do I get rid of it please have tried restore and using different icon but they all show the sheet ? Thank you Tony

  tonyx1302 19:26 05 Jan 2017

Any thoughts anyone please ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 05 Jan 2017

Right click on your desktop background using the computer mouse.

Select "Personalisation" from the menu.

Click "Change desktop icons" under the "Tasks" menu in the top, left-hand side of the Personalisation menu.

Click the "Restore Default" button in the "Desktop Icon Settings" window that opened after previous step. Your desktop icons will then be restored to their default, factory settings.

  tonyx1302 19:48 05 Jan 2017

Hello Fruit Bat /\0/\ and thank you for coming back but when I click on desktop and go to Personlise i dont get Change desktop icons in the drop down menu Tony

  tonyx1302 19:59 05 Jan 2017

Sorry i didnt explain myself very well. These are icons I have added for my most popular sites....PC Ad,Amazon, my bank etc

  tonyx1302 20:59 05 Jan 2017

Hello again rdave13 and thank you very much for your suggestions which I will act upon in the morning. I am a VERY senior surfer and today has not been one of my best so I am going to trundle of to bed now and will tackle the blessed problem fresh in the morning with new energy ! Thank you again Tony

  tonyx1302 10:22 06 Jan 2017

Good morning from a sunny Hants. I have tried both methods without success unfortunatly, so what I intend to do after lunch is take a photo of my screen for ref and then delete all the icons and Firefox from my desktop entirely. I will re-instal Firefox first and then re instal the icons hopefully without the A4 pic on. I am on the daily pilgramage to M&S so I will post the outcome of the re-install....fingers crossed and thank you for your help once again Tony

  tonyx1302 19:47 06 Jan 2017

Whoops sorry rdave13 but still on a learning curve with Windows 10 and AVG. tony

  tonyx1302 10:46 07 Jan 2017

Another lesson learnt thank you now if you can tell me how I get spell check to work in Hotmail, you would make an old man very happy and end my sleepless nights !!

My wife in her infinite wisdom....and kindness brought me a new desktop with 10 already installed for Christmas I just fear that after 50+ years of married bliss(?) it could all end up in the divorce courts if I cannot master 10 soon !!! Used Windows 8 since God was in short trousers so why did they bring in 10? Arrrrrrrrr!

Have a good weekend and thanks again


  tonyx1302 10:41 12 Jan 2017

Good morning rdave13 and my sincere apologies for the delay in acknowledging your post with the spell check solution. I have no defence other than old age and memory loss. I did as tour post suggested and downloaded the British English through Firefox add ons and now my emails are spell check perfect! Thank you again Tony

  tonyx1302 11:25 13 Jan 2017

Bump ^

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