Icons for downloaded files not on desktop

  LimestoneRock 12:04 28 Jan 2006

When I download a file - the most recent being the CC Cleaner update - the icon for the exe file does not appear on the desktop to where I've directed it. However, on re-booting, it appears. Can anyone explain - have I got a setting wrong?

Running XP Home

  LimestoneRock 12:27 30 Mar 2006

I'm still having the same problem with my laptop - can anyone help please?

  VoG II 12:28 30 Mar 2006

Have you tried right clicking the desktop and selecting Refresh?

  ACOLYTE 12:31 30 Mar 2006

Dont know if this will help or if it is even for this,but have you got "show desktop icons" ticked in the arrange icons menu.

  LimestoneRock 12:33 30 Mar 2006

That worked thanks VoG™ - the same thing was happening when I cut a downloaded file from Desktop to My Downloads and whilst it "transferred" to this latter folder, the Icon remained on Desktop. Doing a refresh as you suggested did get rid of it but I never used to have this problem - do I have a setting wrong somewhere?

  LimestoneRock 12:39 30 Mar 2006

Yes, ACOLYTE, I have it checked. I have tried various combinations of Auto Arrange, Align to Grid & Lock Web Items to Desktop but none has cured the problem - I keep having to refresh for the delation or addition to show.

  ACOLYTE 12:49 30 Mar 2006

You could try clearing the icon cache?

click here

or you could make it bigger

click here
scroll down to number 121

you could also try number 4 on the same page.


  LimestoneRock 13:21 30 Mar 2006

I've tried your two links ACOLYTE and have also deleted the Icon Cache. Still no change but thanks for your help. I'm now trying sfc /scannow although I think I did this in January, when the problem first arose, without success.

  ACOLYTE 13:32 30 Mar 2006

Have you tried downloading direct to your downloads folder?.

  LimestoneRock 13:50 30 Mar 2006

Yes, I can do this OK - itworks but I prefer to Download to Desktop and then remove the program to Downloads afterwards, as it is much easier to track/find the downloaded program.

  VoG II 11:02 01 Apr 2006

click here number 199 left hand column.

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