Icons disappear....!!

  AngeTheHippy 11:27 06 Jul 2004

Morning Chaps, over the past week (at the most)when for example, I close an application, just for a few seconds all the desktop icons, including the task bar, but not the wallpaper, disappear the reappear. Now, I've done a couple system restores, but this doesn't seem to change anything. Why should this happen? I'm fully up to date with my AV updates, use Spybot also. I DID get a virus alert the other week, can't remember the exact wording,, something like...'Bloodhound. ' - not an EXE, and it couldn't be quarantined; I went to NAVs homepage,found and installed a small bit of s/w to find then quarantine this 'bloodhound' thingy. This didn't arrive via e-mail mind you, but as I was surfing a specific site. Anyway - rambling on here a bit, back to the icons etc. Any clues?


  AngeTheHippy 11:35 06 Jul 2004

It's an XP machine, with all the MS & XP updates installed.


  Chris the Ancient 12:10 06 Jul 2004

Found this

click here

Does it help?

  AngeTheHippy 13:27 06 Jul 2004

thanks for your input; sounds like the exact prob I've been having, doesn't it. However, I gotta pay to get the answer on that site!!! Will have a hunt around though to see if I can find similar elsewhere.

Any more ideas, guys?


  Chris the Ancient 13:57 06 Jul 2004

Sorry, didn't realise that they wanted money!


I shall see if I can find anything else.


  GroupFC 14:02 06 Jul 2004

I have a similar occurrence from time to time but have never been able to find out the cause!

I will watch this thread with interest!

  Chris the Ancient 14:07 06 Jul 2004

I looked here

click here

and found out more.

There is a lot of gobbledygook, but there are some points that leap out.

1) Yes it can happen - but it's not a serious problem.

2) A defrag might help.

There is a link to get some more up-to-date files if you're in an adventurous mood and happy to install them. And don't forget to read both pages of the thread! I nearly forgot!

I have to disappear out and do some more work, but will catch up with the thread tonight.

Good luck!


Anyway, have a look/play and see if it helps

  AngeTheHippy 20:41 06 Jul 2004

yeah, will have a look at this site..... just looked at the forum thread you pointed me to - I think I've come to the conclusion that this occurrence is just a 'quirk' of windows/XP. Maybe I won't start worrying about it unless it starts to become more frequent.

Cheers for your help,


  Chris the Ancient 20:56 06 Jul 2004

You're welcome!

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