Icon Restorer for Windows 10

  tallboy 23:03 19 Jan 2017

For years I have reliably used Icon Restorer with my Windows 7 system. Although I have it on my newer 64-bit Windows 10 system, it can't be relied on to restorer desktop icons to their carefully (and time-consuming!) chosen positions.

Does anyone know of a good Windows 10 program that can be used to reliably record screen icon positions & restore them if something goes amiss with the layout?

  amonra 20:31 20 Jan 2017

This has been the subject of numerous posts on various sites, and as yet, nobody seems to have an answer. Even the MS site does not reply to requests. If anyone on this site has the answer.......welcome !

  tallboy 17:57 22 Jan 2017

I'm glad I'm not alone in trying to find a solution amonra. However, I think I may have found one! DesktopOK is a German program (but with language selection - including English) and is available in 32-bit & 64-bit versions. It's also portable. It can be downloaded from Major Geeks (click here - Give it a try!

  mikeyrh 09:09 27 Jan 2017

Hello tallboy, I've just found a tiny program on the softpedia.com website that appears to do just what you are looking for, I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works. It is free. click here

  tallboy 19:29 27 Jan 2017

Hi mikeyrh; many thanks for the link. From the info given by Softpedia, this shell extension looks ideal. I'll install it, give it a try & report back here for the benefit of other readers.

  tallboy 10:53 16 Feb 2017

For the benefit of anyone reading this post, the small program suggested by mikeyrh works a treat! Thanks mikeyrh

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