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  zootboy 11:25 01 Jul 2003

There is normally an icon that appears in the Taskbar/System Tray on bootup, that clicking on it gets you back to your desktop.

Inexplicably, mine has disappeared.

Any ideas why, how can I locate it, and how do I get to load again on bootup ?



  hoverman 11:41 01 Jul 2003

I am using Windows XP and the Quick Launch icon is located in Documents and Settings/'My Name'/Application Data/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch. You will have to show hidden files and then create a shortcut from the QL icon to the desktop and then drag it to the taskbar. Unless anyone knows a quicker way.

  hoverman 11:44 01 Jul 2003

Woops my mistake - i have given you the location for the IE6 quick launch icon. Sorry.

  hoverman 11:46 01 Jul 2003

My brain is not working today The 'Show Desktop' is in the location I referred to. Going back to bed so I can up again and start afresh!!!

  hoverman 13:18 01 Jul 2003

One other thought. Right click on the task bar, select tools, and make sure there is a tick against Quick Launch. If there is, remove it and and retick to see if that will restore the 'Show Desktop' icon.

  beeuuem 13:29 01 Jul 2003

You could try a search for the file " Show Desktop" in Windows. Create a shortcut, cut and paste to the Desktop and drag it to the taskbar.

  beeuuem 13:32 01 Jul 2003

You aren't the only one who should be going back to bed and starting the day again :-(

  hoverman 14:48 01 Jul 2003

Agreed - your suggestion to do a search on 'Show Desktop'is quicker than mine.

  beeuuem 15:04 01 Jul 2003

I was thinking of me! Your advice is much the same as mine - if I had bothered to read your post properly before sticking my oar in.

  hoverman 18:59 01 Jul 2003

Any luck retrieving that icon??

  Qmar 19:51 01 Jul 2003

do search '*.SCF ' , you will find the icon in the windows system files.

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