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  Peter-200561 18:52 05 Jul 2004

Windows XP P1V

All my titles under the icons on the desktop are highlighted in blue how do i get them back to normal?


  VoG II 19:03 05 Jul 2004

Try repairing the icons using TweakUI click here

  Diodorus Siculus 19:05 05 Jul 2004

Get TweakUI from Microsoft.com and use its option to repair icons.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:06 05 Jul 2004

I'm slow tonight...

  Dorsai 19:10 05 Jul 2004

right click on the desk top to open display properties.

Select the desktop tab, and click on the 'customise desktop' button on the bottom left.

In the 'desk top icons' menu that now should open select the web tab.

Make sure that the 'lock desktop items' check box is not ticked. If it is, clear it, click OK then APPLY this should fix it.

If it isn't ticked, tick it, click ok, then apply. Reboot the Pc and then repeat these suggestions.

If this doesn't work i'm out of suggestions.

  Dorsai 19:14 05 Jul 2004

Sorry, should have said in line one

Right click on the desk-top and select 'properties' to open 'display properties'

The rest is OK.

  Peter-200561 07:08 06 Jul 2004

Still have same problem despite trying all of the above, i did find out how to change the colour of the icon titles so they stand out a bit less.

  Dorsai 18:40 06 Jul 2004

Well well. The method i gave above certianly highlighted my icons in blue, then made it go away (thankfully). What do you do to change their colour?

  Peter-200561 19:44 06 Jul 2004

Just to clarify that the icons are normal, its the description underneath thats highlighted.
To change the colour its d/top- properties- and on the righthand side there are two tabs for screen display and colours. Normally from memory an icon tile eg Internet Explorer is in letters under the icon, whereas now the IE letters are in an highlighted rectangle. With alot of Icons on the desktop its rather annoying visually. I will still try your fix again,

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