ICMP Ping?

  BBez 10:16 15 Oct 2003

Since about 2 days ago, i have started to be bombarded with ICMP Ping requests. I cleared my firewall logs this morning and since being on line for 30 minutes, have recieved 412 logged entries. They all have the same network number 213.122.xxx.xxx (host.in-addr.btopenworld). BT Openworld is also my ISP.

Can anyone describe what this request is and should i be worried about it (eg. port scan being run on my machine?)

As i'm on dial-up, if i disconnect, the same happens as soon as i reconnect. Any help, thanks in advance...

  Lozzy 10:30 15 Oct 2003

I take it that your ISP is BTOpenworld, yes?? All ISP's ping there members as it is there way to see if the IP address is still active if idle then they cut you off..

  dth 10:39 15 Oct 2003

It is one of the recent viruses. It spreads by estbalishing a remote connection (to Win XP machines) and the ICMP is a ping to test whether it is possible to make a connection.

It does get on my nerves (as am with BT Openworld as well) when you see that you've had hundreds of pings when you've only been online for an hour. But no damage is being done and it shows that your firewall is working fine.

  BBez 11:23 15 Oct 2003

thanks very much to both of you for clearing that up...!

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