lynnpin 15:57 07 Nov 2003

In order to use the speech to text facility of Voicepad I have encountered the problem below as mentioned in IBM's FAQ section.

I have tried doing this but my computer wont allow me to rename or delete "mfc42.dll" in System Files so I don't know how I can get around this problem. Does anyone have any ideas?

"I'm getting the error "VoicePad caused an invalid page fault in module mfc42.dll?"
Mfc42.dll is a common program used by many applications. There are incompatibilities in some of the versions of this program which is developed by Microsoft. In order to get around these incompatibilites, the version of mfc42.dll that ships with ViaVoice must be placed into the viavoice/bin directory. All other applications will use the mfc42.dll in the windows/system directory. To reinstate ViaVoice's copy of mfc42.dll, perform the following steps:
Go to Start, Programs, Windows Explorer, View menu, Options, View tab and make sure that "show all files" is selected.
Rename mfc42.dll in windows/system to mfc42.dll.backup . If this step fails, reboot and try again.
Reinstall ViaVoice. This will place ViaVoice's mfc42.dll into windows/system.
Copy mfc42.dll from windows/system to viavoice/bin
Rename mfc42.dll.backup to mfc42.dll in windows/system."

  BurrWalnut 16:14 07 Nov 2003

Try doing it in safe mode or, if applicable, as a different user.

  alcudia 16:17 07 Nov 2003

This means that something you have recently installed has placed a different version of mfc42 in you system folder. Viavoice cannot use it.

I can recall having at least six different versions of this file at one time.

You will probaly not be able to rename it. I think your only option is to reinstall Viavoice and hope it overwrites the file with it's own version.

But beware, whatever you installed that caused the overwrite will probably stop working with the same error. You will need to find what it was and copy the file into that apps own root folder first.

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