IBM Trusteer rapport, is it safe.

  bumpkin 21:07 04 Jan 2018

IBM Trusteer rapport, is it safe. I keep being asked to instal this but don't know what it is.

  Belatucadrus 21:49 04 Jan 2018

Click Here

I'm assuming your bank is offering it as free additional security. As an IBM product I'd assume it was safe but can't really comment as I've never used it.

Not sure I like the EULA terms shown in the Wikipedia article.

  QuizMan 22:21 04 Jan 2018

Used it for years without any problem.

  Forum Editor 22:22 04 Jan 2018

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  Govan1x 23:03 04 Jan 2018

Last page of this before they realized it was IBM Trusteer rapport that was causing the problem. It is not an isolated case many more have had the same problem, But others like QuizMan have had no problems.

If you don't need it don't use it.

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  bumpkin 12:54 05 Jan 2018

Thanks all, I shall give it a miss for now.

  wee eddie 14:51 05 Jan 2018

As many of the Banks, mine included, are almost demanding that you use it, I tried it.

It turned my PC's internet access back to Modem days.

I uninstalled it. Kaspersky is, in my opinion anyway, quite sufficient.

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