IBM Thinkpad need to link to Nokia 5110

  [DELETED] 23:49 25 Aug 2003

I have an IBM Thinkpad laptop and a Nokia 5110 mobile phone. I normally connect to my email account server via a remote access connection using a standard modem and telephone dialled cable connection.

I also have a network interface card fitted for when I am on network sites. (I work for a national corpration with loads of sites)

This is usually ok for my needs, however, I have just changed jobs within the corporation and I am going to need to access my email whilst on trains/in the car/ bus etc. As yet, there aren't many opportunities for direct access using this method.

Do any of you kind souls out there know of a standard cable connection I can make to my mobile telephone and/or any software I would need to make it dial my default RAS connection so I can download my emails?

Phone is a bit of a brick but supplied by the firm so I don't have any control over either the phone or the computer. I don't have administrator access to install software - do i really need this?.....

Any and all help greatfully received

many thanks


  [DELETED] 00:46 26 Aug 2003

A very wide subject.

Your best bet is to talk to the IT department withih your company. But you may be able to get the cable by going into a mobile phone shop..... the cable connection will depend on the phone model......

Mind you if the phone has Bluetooth things get much simpler.

  [DELETED] 01:17 26 Aug 2003

You cannot use a 5110 for modem type use. Cables which can be purchased for this phone only allow connection to com 1.

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