IBM Thinkpad 600e Video problem

  ediface 10:10 09 Mar 2004

I have just upgraded my thinkpad to Windows XP from 98 and the maximum resolution I can get is 'high colour'. This gives me poor on-screen text and poor definition. When I try to load the device drivers for the monitor and graphics card my PC tells me they are not compatible with XP. Does anyone know where I can get device drivers that ARE compatible for XP?

  Chris the Ancient 11:26 09 Mar 2004

I have a Thinkpad 600 as well. The impression that I got for this machine is that the bios is specifically designed for 98 and I assume all the internal bits are as well.

I had thought of upgrading to XP, but someone I knew who had been on Thinkpads for a long time just gave me a sweet, short message, "don't!"

It may be that you will just have to put up with reloading 98 :-(


  ediface 14:40 09 Mar 2004


I have overcome the problem of the text by changing Screen Resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels. Although smaller at least I can read them. In all other respects, the upgrade to XP has been worth it. My machine is more stable and it boots up in half the time!

  Chris the Ancient 15:07 09 Mar 2004

I might do it to mine then, after all. To save time on the boot up would make it worthwhile!


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