IBM product recovery CD

  User-6FAD0298-AD15-4C4D-822E03BC3B89AC47 13:22 17 May 2004

This should be an easy question,

I have inherited an old IBM Netvista with a failed HD. I plan to replace it but looking through the pile of CDs that came with it, I don't seem to have a Windows CD. However, I do have a Product recovery disk which claims to contain all the files and settings from when it was shipped. Does this include the OS files?

I'm not likely to fork out for a copy of Windows for a 4 year old PC, although I would quite like to resurect it.


  AndySD 13:51 17 May 2004

yes but you may need a floppy to start the process.... look on the IBM web site.

I'll get a new disk and give it a go.


Got it installed by booting to the recovery disk.

Unfortunately as it turns out the recovery disk was for another machine, a PC300GL (original assumed lost or on hidden HD partition). licencing issues aside this shouldn't be to bad so, I used it anyway with a view to sorting out any missmached drivers etc afterwards

I've so far encountered only 2 problems

1 display is 16 bit VGA only. I have a motherboard CD which should have the correct drivers so I think I can fix this.

The partition/format stage of the recovery created a little FAT16 2GB primary partition, ignoring the other 38GB completely. an option to create a large NTFS partition would have been nice!

How do I sort out the file system without starting again and partitioning/formatting from a floppy prior to recovery? Can NT convert drives on the fly? any good utilitues to recommend?

Info: it now has NT4 SP5

  AndySD 14:41 21 May 2004

To convert to ntfs without losing data.

Click Start|Programs|Command Prompt.

At the command prompt type

convert drive: /fs:ntfs

Where drive is the drive letter assigned to the partition that you wish to convert.

Press Enter.

When the conversion if finished close the command prompt window.

  AndySD 14:44 21 May 2004

To increase the drive size probably Partition Magic there are others and none of them perfect. But I havent had a problem yet with Partition Magic.

  AndySD 14:48 21 May 2004

click here may help

Disk management under admin tools utility very easy. I was looking for the applet in Control panel but it was located off the start menu.....

Motherboard CD was also wrong but Got the sound and Video drivers from IBM website so should be up and running soon.

Thanks, for your suggestions.

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