Peachy boy 14:26 19 Aug 2007

Hi today i rebooted my pc and deleted the partion on my hard drive so I could install a genuine widows xp copy I got the xp disc from a second fujitsu sienens pc in the house i installed windows and resarted my pc. When it came to a black screen with boot to windows xp home or setup windows I went to setup windows and it started copying files to the hdd after a few seconds it said fcannot find dile iaStor.sys
does anyone know what that is or how I can fix the problem. Thanks Alan

  brundle 14:27 19 Aug 2007
  brundle 14:30 19 Aug 2007

Read this for instructions;
click here

  brundle 14:32 19 Aug 2007

Sorry, thats too involved. Click and download tha IAA package, extract the files to a floppy disk, when you start your PC and boot from the XP CD, hit F6 when you see the prompt (Hit F6 to load drivers) - put the floppy in and the setup program will get the iastor.sys from there.

  Peachy boy 14:37 19 Aug 2007

Unfortunatly I dont have a floppy drive is there any other storage I can use?

  brundle 14:41 19 Aug 2007

It's longwinded compared to sticking a single disk in but you can create a custom XP CD using Nlite - click here

Ignore all the optional stuff, just add the folder containing the drivers at the appropriate point in Nlite configuration.

  Peachy boy 15:54 19 Aug 2007

Do I just need to boot the pc from the disc and reinstall windows?

  brundle 18:15 19 Aug 2007

After installing Nlite and creating a new XP disc.

Burn the resulting modified XP .iso file to a CD (ImgBurn is good; click here)and it will work exactly the same way as your original XP CD.

Recommend a CDRW in case you need more than one attempt.

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