i865 ink flow

  User-4BF2F150-6EF5-40C1-98A35C84801BA7A7 18:15 13 Feb 2006

It seems that the cyan cartridge will not print out correctly.Have cleaned,deep cleaned replaced the cartridge.In fact tried everything i can think of to no avail.Any answers

  ade.h 18:28 13 Feb 2006

Have you replaced the print head yet? I recently had to replace the head in my i865, and it was as good as new again.

  Gongoozler 18:33 13 Feb 2006

I think I'm right in assuming that the Canon i865 printer has the heads built into the printer in the same way as Epson printers. If that is the case, then it probably suffers from the same weakness as Epson printers in that if the printer is unused for a period of time, the heads can get blocked. The cost of replacing Epson heads is almost as much as a new printer. The only option is to try to dissolve the ink in the head. There are head cleaner cartridges available for the i865 such the one as at the bottom of this page click here, but some people have success with soaking the head in isopropyl alcohol, or an alcohol/water mix. It must be said, however that in many cases the head just can't be saved.

  clayton 18:34 13 Feb 2006

I too had to replace my print head got it from here click here

Waste ink tanks codes
click here

  Gongoozler 18:41 13 Feb 2006

Printhead for the I865 £65.75 inc vat click here

  ade.h 18:50 13 Feb 2006

£65?! I paid £25 for mine. Can't tell you where off the top of my head, as it wasn't me who purchased it.

well I had none of the isopropyl alcohol so I tried Absolute vodka instead has made a world of difference,not 100% right but good enough for my purposes.Thanks again

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