i7960 cpu hovering in the high 90s c°

  Christian Mannov 17:22 03 May 2017

Is this normal? click here have had some trouble with some games running badly so I have been troubleshooting for a few of days. I just downloaded this and as I saw the temperatures I cleaned my fan and sink. But it seems to be the same temperature. Is this normal for the i7 960?


  alanrwood 18:54 03 May 2017

In a word NO.

I would check the thermal paste on the CPU cooler first. If it is OK then maybe look at a better CPU cooler

  Archonar 08:42 04 May 2017

If you are using the stock cpu cooler then upgrade to a 3rd party one. The stock ones are never really suited to gaming. The Hyper 212 evo is one that I recommend to everyone, good value and an excellent cooler.

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