i5 with graphics card or i7 without?

  DLock 08:43 19 Oct 2017

New to the forum so hello to all! I'm looking for advice on which of the following pc's would be best for general home use and possibly light gaming like point and click adventures and top down strategy..

Both have: Windows 10 8GB ddr3 Ram 500GB HDD The difference is one has 2nd gen i5 processor with gtx710 2gb graphics card and other has 2nd gen i7 processor with no seperate graphics card. Please help thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 19 Oct 2017

Personally I would go for the i5 with graphics card.

I use and older i5 with GTX750, 16Gb RAM and 128Gb SSD and 1Tb HDD surprising how fast the Hdd fills up:0) It will handle anything I throw at it as I'm not a heavy gamer the extra RAm allows me to video edit/ render while doing other tasks.

  martd7 19:10 19 Oct 2017

Same here i5 but I would also prefer a larger hard drive 1tb

Graphics card isn't very good,I know you want to do some light gaming but read this review

click here

  DLock 20:22 19 Oct 2017

Thanks for the input guys, I do have an external 1tb HDD that I'll use too so not too fussed about hard drive space although I have heard a SSD is better for performance? I'll see what's around with better graphics card then. These are refurbs on ebay around the £200 Mark as I'm on a budget, if you know of any better up to £300 Please shout up :-)

  Menzie 12:01 20 Oct 2017

I'd get something more modern and future-proof. CCL computers have brand new computers with Windows 10 included for just over £300.

You get for £368.99

AMD A6 9500 (can easily be upgraded to Ryzen later)


Radeon R5 Integrated Graphics (faster that second gen Intel onboard)

Realtek Sound

Realtek Ethernet

5 USB 3.0 ports

500W PSU (Graphics card easy to add later)

3 Year Warranty

No keyboard, mouse or monitor however.

I have used CCL many times and would easily recommend them.

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  martd7 00:52 21 Oct 2017

Have to agree with Menzie worth buying a new pc at that price,I recommend ccl I buy 99% of my computer stuff from them and my last 3pcs have been purchased from ccl

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