I would like to upgrade my graphics card

  Emil1067 20:33 07 Mar 2018

Hi all, I have a question since im not that good at pc's :) my spec for computer are CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 640 RAM: 8GB Motherboard: Asusp8H61- MX R2.0 I would like to buy a new graphics card but i dont know what to get and i dont want to get ripped of for something bad please respond as that would help me allot and i would like to hear your suggestions thank you :)

  Menzie 23:08 07 Mar 2018

What are you planning to use the PC for? Do you happen to know what wattage your power supply is?

What is your budget?

The answers to this would help in figuring out a suitable graphics card.

  Emil1067 00:47 08 Mar 2018

My budget would be around 250euros and i will tell you the wattage when i wake up. Where could i find the wattage. I would like to play arma 3 with more fps

  Menzie 12:56 08 Mar 2018

Some power supplies will have a sticker with a model number and wattage at the back close usually close by the vents. Others are more tricky as the sticker is on the side which would only be seen by opening the case.

Graphic cards are currently commanding a premium due to the mining craze. I reckon an Nvidia 1050ti would be a solid starting point for Arma 3 although a 1060 would be preferable and be better overall with other games if you decide to expand (they currently go beyond your budget however).

  Menzie 13:00 08 Mar 2018

This site will give you some idea of what to expect performance-wise with the different types of cards on the market.

click here

  Emil1067 15:54 08 Mar 2018

Zalman zm500-GS

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