I would like to try Linux

  beynac 09:32 01 Aug 2006

I have an old PC with Windows 98 and would like to try Linux on it. The PC Advisor cover disk for May had the following full programs on it:

Damn Small Linux
Knoppix 3.9
Ubuntu 5.04
Gentoo Linux 2005.0

The stated system requirements for all of these is 64MB RAM, which is what I have on the PC. The modern versions all seem to need more. I am reasonably computer literate with Windows. Which of these programs would be the best one to give me a taste of what Linux can do?

Any other tips would be welcome.

  beynac 17:42 01 Aug 2006

Thank you both for your help. I have tried Ubunto and DSL on my laptop (128mb of RAM). Ubunto didn't do anything - very slow. DSL worked fine so I'll experiment with that for a while.

At the moment I am still a Windows fan. ;)

  beynac 11:47 02 Aug 2006

I've tried Knoppix on my main PC (1GB RAM). This is my favourite so far, but I'm still not impressed with Linux as an alternative to Windows 98 - let alone XP.

I think I'll stick with W98 on the old PC.

P.S. I'm not trying to fan the old Linux/Windows debate - I'm just giving my conclusion prior to ticking the tread.

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