I would like some help with upgrading my PC (attempt #2)

  CoreyJLees 20:46 05 Aug 2013

Tried this before, but the site keeps posting my question all muddled up (even though it shows fine on the preview beforehand :S) so here I go again.

Total War: Rome 2 is coming out next month and my PC is seriously underpowered, as I would like to play the game on decent settings. My current setup is

OS - Winows 7 Home Premium 64bit

GPU - Radeon HD6670

PSU - Havn't a clue

CPU - i5 2320 3.0 ghz quad

RAM - 8gb DDR3 @ 665mhz

I am looking to upgrade the GPU and PSU first, as I can have these parts given to me as presents from my parents, and I will later upgrade my RAM and later the CPU.

I have my eye on these parts, and basically would like to know if they will run well, and if they will run together properly, as I don't want to end up wasting any of my, or my parents' money on parts.

GPU - Nvidia GTX660ti

PSU - Corsair Builder Series CX 430w

RAM - G-Skill 8GB DDR3 @ 2133mhz

CPU - i5 4570

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really, really can't afford to get this wrong. Cheers!

  retep888™ 01:12 06 Aug 2013

GPU - Nvidia GTX660ti click here

PSU - Corsair Builder Series CX 430w click here

RAM - G-Skill 8GB DDR3 @ 2133mhz click here

CPU - i5 4570 click here

1.You seem to have a prebuilt PC ,please let forum members know the make & model with further details so as to confirm what hardwares it'll support.

2.600W PSU should be used to run a GTX660ti although 450W-500W can suffice .

3.<<(I've heard 1600mhz would be much better for RTS)>> I think you have 1333 Mhz DDR3 ram at the moment so you may not see much improvement(if any), & there is a great chance that your existing motherboard won't support 2133 Mhz ram.

4.i5 4570 is a socket 1150 Haswell CPU while your PC is a socket 1155 sandyBridge so it won't fit.

  nickf 14:19 07 Aug 2013

Sound advice from retep888 . click here as a suggestion for memory , click here , for your PSU , and click here for your CPU . Good choice for GPU , tho if you can stretch things a little I would go for something like this click here . I only used the Scan website as I have it saved in my browser , you may well find things cheaper elsewhere . Good luck and have fun !

  retep888™ 01:16 08 Aug 2013

CoreyJLees's 1st original thread click here


The Intel CPU Core i5 3470 you recommended is an IvyBridge while CoreyJLees's PC has a SandyBridge CPU at the moment which I'm not sure if the motherboard will support IvyBridge (although a Bios update may overcome this).

That's why I asked for PC's hardware details but unfortunately it seems like the OP has boarded the holiday plane already.

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