I would like some help with port forwarding

  Koen Haelterman 21:11 17 Oct 2018

Hello, I went through the port forwarding posts on this website, but it didn't resolve my issue. I have taken screenshots of every step I took in my attempt to port forward. I would appreciate anyone's help. (please keep in mind I'm a total noob when it comes to anything IT related)

MISSION I'm trying to host a virtual table top. The program I use requires me to do the following:

CONNECTION DETAILS I hid most of this info as I m not sure what is safe to show in public


The following images are a step by step of what I did with my firewall

ROUTER next up the stuff I did with the router.

After doing this i used the tool on this site to check the port and it is not open.

A few more things that might be important to know maybe: - I live in a building with several tenants, the internet is included in the rent, what I mean is that even though I have a router, may be there is some kind of splitter(router?) thing that splits one internet connection between all the tenants in the house. I think this because I noticed I have something called IPv4 Subnet Mask. I dont really know what it is, but I think this might be related.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me out. Thank you.

  Koen Haelterman 21:16 17 Oct 2018

As the images don't show up, here are the links

mission: click here click here

details: firewall: href


  Koen Haelterman 21:21 17 Oct 2018

I give up, looks like i dont even know how to post links. Gonna set my pc on fire. thanks anyway.

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