I would like to decide my browser

  sattman 16:09 16 Oct 2003

Running win ME, NTL Broadband

I have a nuisance problem. My default browser is repeatably being changed to some other avertising one that I do not recognise as ever having contacted

I can restore back to my required default but it is a nuisance having to do this every time I use the internet.

The browser that is causing the problem is shown as and appears to be associated with "thesten.com/main/hp.htm"

Can someone advise can I block this or is there any 3rd party programmes that prevent your browser from being hijacked in this way

I have add-aware and MRU Blaster installed
as well as a AV and Zone alarm.

Any ideas would be appreciated

  christmascracker 16:11 16 Oct 2003
  VoG II 16:14 16 Oct 2003

If you mean that your homepage keeps changing click here

Also try Spybot click here

  sattman 23:29 16 Oct 2003


  powerless 23:30 16 Oct 2003

What did you do from the above two posts?

  VoG II 23:30 16 Oct 2003


  sattman 10:34 17 Oct 2003

Followed the recommended information. I installed bhblaster this failed to detect the hijacker. and allowed my homepage to contiue to be changed.

I had spybot installed and use it reguraly this had not detected the problem.

The Microsoft solution involves changes to the registry, I prefer that this is possibly the last road that I would go down when all else fails.

The problem has been solved, after more research I find that "thesten.com" is a trojan named "CoolWebSearch which uses the the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Apparently Microsoft JVM is no longer supportd by Microsoft and can be removed in favour of the more recent Sun Microsystems JVM

The offending trojan was removed using click here

Thanks to all for your help

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