i would like to create a bsaic website/homepage

  [DELETED] 19:28 28 Dec 2003

please be gentle i'm new to this

i have only really popped into this part of the forum recently as i have gained an intrest in web design

i'll have to say that i have no experience what so ever, i have 50mb of webspace sitting there doing nothing so i would like to make use of it, even if my design is completley useless

i have dreamweaver, and i have tinkered with some basic html

havn't really got very far, i have managed to do a title,couple of headings and background color but that is about it.

i would apprecaite it if some-one could give me some ideas as of where i can get a half decent template, just so i can add my own content to it..is this possible.

i just want to be able to have a basic website so that when people go there they will be introduced by a webpage, and then i would like to be able to upload images to it, for example if some-one needed help in the helproom or vice versa i could upload the appropiate picture and i could give them the link to it and they will see it..a picture paints a thousands words.

hope this makes sense!

  [DELETED] 20:14 28 Dec 2003

doesn't matter

  Forum Editor 00:40 29 Dec 2003

or you wouldn't have asked. Sunday evening isn't the best time to get a fast response, and that's why you haven't seen much activity in your thread.

click here to see a range of generic Dreamweaver templates created by Macromedia. You can download and customise them to your heart's content.


click here for even more templates - this time to purchase (but at reasonable cost).

  [DELETED] 08:27 29 Dec 2003

Dreamweaver has some sample pages built into it for simple pages through to framesets.

Select File, New, then on the general tab choose from one of the Page Designs, Page Designs (Accessible) or if you really want to have a headache you could try one of the Framesets. I'd stay away from frames for now though, until you have a good grasp of standard, static pages.

You don't say which version of Dreamweaver that you have but, assuming it is one of the more recent versions, if you have a basic empty page and want to drop some design elements into it as quickly as possible check out the Code panel group. If you select the Code panel group (single click) then click on the Snippets tab, you can expand the folders it contains and check out lots of page elements for headers, footers, body content, navigation and forms, among other things. Double click on any one of them to insert it into your page.

The help files in Dreamweaver walk you through the basics of getting started and, as Forum Editor suggests, the templates from Macromedia may be modified to get you up and running quickly. The same site, if you look around on it, has lots of Dreamweaver tutorials on all kinds of things, from how to get started through to dynamic sites.

  [DELETED] 10:20 29 Dec 2003

i appreciate the time you have given to answer my question, it will take me some time, as my knowledge on web design is zilch.but we all have to start somewhere

i'll have a look

i have dreamweaver mx 2004

a quick question, if i want to add a background image, do i have to add the image in the same folder as the index.html

and do i add the tag


and can that be added anywhere within my html editor.

  [DELETED] 11:05 29 Dec 2003

Create a subfolder in your main web folder and call it images. Copy the image you want to use for the page background to that folder. Open up your page in Dreamweaver, click on the top toolbar Modify option and select Page Properties. There's a button on there for setting a background image which dumps the necessary code into the page for you and you can also specify global page settings for fonts, colours and other bits and bobs.

If you start using a lot of images on your site for galleries and so forth, you may want to add another folder in your images folder called thumbs. Keep your thumnails in the thumbs folder and the main images in the images folder. Keep all folder and file names lower case and if you want to use multiple words for filenames, don't use spaces, use an underscore like_this. It's also worth naming the thumb and image the same name so you can keep track of which thumb is for which image. I normally call my images either by name or number and call the thumb the sanem name/number with the letters _th as a suffix, e.g. sunset.jpg is the main image in the images folder and sunset_th.jpg which lives in the thumbnails folder.

It's all about sensible document management. If you offer downloads, create a folder called downloads and put the download zip, image, PDF files or whatever into it. You could even subdivide it further by filetype or by topic to keepo track of lots of files.

If you don't do this, you'll be amazed if you leave your project for a couple of weeks and try to come back to it. All of your file names will seem like so much spaghetti and you'll waste time re-learning the names you gave your documents and images. And woe betide anyone who comes in and tries to help you if they are staring at one web folder with 30 odd html files, 100 mixed images and thumbnails and a dozen or so downloads all mixed together.

Plan as much as you can before you open Dreamweaver. It makes life far simpler if you gave a good idea of what you want your site to look like and how many pages it will have, what those pages will contain and so on. Designing on the fly normally ends up looking like to did just that. Planning a site allows you to proceeed along in an orderly fashion but still allows you the freedom to make changes where required or desired.

I usuall suggest that newcomers design their overall layout in a dekstop publishing or image editing package to get an idea of layout and colours. Once you have this sorted, it is far easier to think of transposing it to the web, and if you have something like Fireworks, Photoshop, PhotoImpact or similar you can export your creation to web content in short order.

Post again if you need more help.



  [DELETED] 11:29 29 Dec 2003

thanks for that

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