I would like to clone a hard disc in NT

  thisisanickname 18:33 31 Aug 2003

I recently purchased a new large hard disc from Western Digital and naturally would like to make it bootable with NT and run my PC off it rather than off my old disc.

The disc came with "Data Lifeguard" including "Data Lifeguard Install", which is meant to allow me to copy all the undeleted files from my old hard disc to my new hard disc. Unfortunately it stops each time after nearly 5 hours with an error msg. Searching the web, I have discovered that Data Lifeguard is flaky - others have had the same experience.

So - can someone recommend to me how I should copy the old disc to the new disc. (Please don't recommend XXCOPY as it doesn't clone NT discs.)

I don't have an original XP CD, as XP was OEM pre-installed and getting a disc would cost me £60 from the OEM.

I wouldn't mind making a bootable XP install CD and re-installing onto my new hard disc - provided I could bring all the updates as well. (To download the updates on a dial-up connection would take several days.) At least a re-install would get rid of lots of crap and my PC would presumably work better after this de-lousing.

However a full cloning of my original hard-disc would also be welcome. I've reduced my 34GB of content down to 14GB by stringent uninstalling, zipping and archiving to CD, in order to reduce the time taken for a clone.

So, people, who can give me good advice?


  howard60 19:57 31 Aug 2003

if you have a mobo cd they often have ghost on them. Also xp has a device to transfer all your settings but have never used it.

  harry_b 20:02 31 Aug 2003

Fantastic program for the price,easy to use too, attach both drives, boot from ghost floppy and the rest is self explanatory (should take about 45 - 50 mins for your 14gb)

  thisisanickname 14:55 03 Sep 2003

Got a copy of Powerquest DriveCopy 4.0 from eBay for £15.99. It was able to copy disk to disk and fix the problem that was causing DataLifeguard to freak out. It seems that my original disk had a truncated partition. Still took ages (2.5 hours). Glad I'm now using the WD disk (120 GB, 8.7ms, 7500 rpm, 8MB cache, UDMA5), it's very fast - my PC's behaving much better now.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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