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keep all your questions in one thread Steve?

It's confusing if we have more than one thread running on the same basic subject, and it's easier for other forum users to check back for context if everything's in one place.

The answer to this question is:

You can upload to your server by using the 'publish site' command from the file menu.

You'll be prompted to enter details of the location, and you should enter your domain name url in full, complete with the http etc. You'll then be prompted for a server login and password, and once you've entered those correctly FrontPage will begin to publish your site.

Provided your web host has installed the FP extensions correctly everything should go smoothly, and FP will tell you when the site is safely on the server. Open Internet Explorer and check it to make sure everything is there, and that all hyperlinks work OK.

Yes, it's very easy to make changes, but a word (or 100) of caution:

1. make absolutely sure that you have a safe copy of the site - not only on your hard drive, but on a CD as well. That way you'll be able to relax if the server suddenly goes down, and takes your site with it. That happens so rarely as to be almost never, but I'm a founder member of the "If it can happen it eventually will happen" club, and I suggest that you join too.

2. When editing the site, get into the habit of making the changes on your hard drive copy, saving them, and then telling FP to publish the changes to the server. That way it's harder for things to go wrong.

3. If you haven't done so already, create a folder in your web called 'images' and drag all the image files into it. Do this before you publish, and don't worry about the pages not knowing where to look to load the images - FP will automatically create the new file paths for you as you do the dragging. The image folder will help you to keep things neat and tidy - it's amazing how cluttered a server site can get after a few months of editing and adding images, and eventually you won't be able to see the wood for the trees. Try to get into the habit of deleting old image files from the web when you replace them with new ones. Six months down the line you won't recognise image file names, and then you'll be deterred from deleting anything in case it's the one you need.

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