I wish to update my computer, but can not

  Housten 15:38 18 Jan 2017

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I am one of those people that DO NOT like Windows 10!! I installed it and just could not get on with it at all. So I un-installed it. Whether MicroSoft’s servers were aware of this I do not know – neither do I care – but I didn’t, apparently, get any updates for over a year. A couple of months or so ago I was suddenly offered updates but when I said to install them the first thing that came up was “DOWNLOADING WINDOWS 10”. I immediately stopped the installation. I have tried several times since, always with the same result and I think that MicroSoft are trying to ram this on to every computer whether or not you want it.

I have looked on the internet and found there are some updates that need to be un-installed – if you have already had them installed – and others you should not install at all. I have un-installed those that should be un-installed - I hope - and unticked and clicked on hide for those that are waiting to be installed. BUT I keep getting “DOWNLOADING WINDOWS 10” whenever I try installing the 52 IMPORTANT and 5 optional updates. I have dealt with the following updates, but does anyone have any idea why I am still getting “DOWNLOADING WINDOWS 10” whenever I try installing my updates. I would be very grateful for any advice on what I am doing wrong.

The updates I have found on the internet that I should have nothing to with are:-

KB3035583 KB2976978 KB2952664 KB3021917.

Many, many thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone can give me.

  Gordon Freeman 16:02 18 Jan 2017

I'm on win 8.1 and have no intention of moving to Win 10. I tried it, didn't like it, & uninstalled. I too get that dialogue box 'Downloading Win 10' when I receive updates (which caused a bit of panic when it first happened, but I think it's some form of error on MS' part. I only receive updates for my OS Win 8.1 so (if you're the same, or Win 7) I wouldn't worry too much. Additionally, check out rdave13's link just to be on the safe side.

  Housten 15:32 20 Jan 2017

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, Many apologies for not getting back to you prior to this but I have been having some problems. Probably part of my being 73 - and not exactly certain of what I should be doing! When I first looked at "rdave13",s article it stated that one button

  Housten 15:49 20 Jan 2017

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, [ Sorry about the reply timed at 15:32 today, but the site seemed to lock up and I had some trouble getting back on to it and I had started this reply when the other suddenly appeared. Please ignore it, if you can!!! ] Many apologies for not getting back to you earlier, but I have been having some problems; probably caused by my being 73 and not entirely sure of what I should be doing!!! I checked my updates and appear to have 370 of them of which 174 are dated 7th March, 2014. When I went to "rdave13's" article it seemed to suggest that one button would do it. So I downloaded 'Never10', clicked on the install button and it went looking for hours for my updates without finding any. I then read, about 4 times, what it said which was "An Older Windows Update is installed in this system Newer versions of Windows Updates can be instructed to never automatically upgrade the current operating system. Press the “Install Update” button to install the newest Windows Update." I think what I have done wrong is that I should install the 56 updates that are ready to be installed on my system and then run 'Never10'. Is this correct? or do I still have my knickers in a twist? Or should I be doing something else entirely? I am like 'Gordon Freeman' in that every time I have tried downloading the updates and the 'Downloading Windows 10' sign appeared I immediately cancelled the updates. I would be immensely grateful if you could help an old duffer!! Many thanks in advance.


  Burn-it 19:28 20 Jan 2017

What version are you currently on? In any case after the initial spate of updates trying to force people to update to Win 10 there haven't been any newer ones. There will still be genuine update to your current version though and they need installing. I suspect that you will need to do a one off session sorting out the pest ones and doing the others. You should be able to run that never 10 first and it (I think) will block all the nasty ones for you.

  Housten 16:38 21 Jan 2017

Good Afternoon, Burn-it, What I am using as my operating system is 'Windows 7 64Bit home Premium'.

I do not know who or what is going on, on my computer!! As I thought you were saying to install the updates, run 'Never10' then I would have to re-boot my computer, BUT........

I started the download and - it turns out - the installation, which happen simultaneously, about 11 o'clock this morning. I have just stopped this at ( 16.21 ) with 0% - out of 62.1 MB - done. It states within the box that downloads were last checked for in October '16 and the last download [ that was done without my asking for it though I have the instruction that I must be asked!! ]occurred on 8th January 2017!!! I know there were times when it appeared that the updates were already on my computer and all I had to do was install them. At the moment the titles of the updates are there but I am told that I have to download them. Also 'Never10' went for hours looking for my updates and did not find anything! I have had a stupid thought: Is it possible that the unasked for updates are the only ones being installed - automatically - on my computer and that all the others listed are for 'Windows 10'?

Your thoughts on what is happening would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for any replies to this irritating and very, very annoying problem.

  Housten 15:50 26 Jan 2017

Gentlemen, Good Afternoon, I am attaching this to the end of my previous query as I think it has something to do with that question. My problem is that having used Never10 on not only my computer but my wife's and my notebook my desktop does not appear to want to update! There are over 50 updates - and I am also opting for 3 of the 5 optional updates - which claim to be 187 MB with the 3 optional updates stating they are 120 MB but when I instruct Windows Update to install the updates it states there are 60.2 MB to be installed. Is this Never10 stopping the installation of some of the updates OR have I another problem entirely?

Many thanks for any thoughts anyone has on this conundrum of mine!

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