i want to upgrade but where should i start?

  Ian in Northampton 13:42 30 Dec 2012

I know that my son found that on his gaming PC, the CPU became the bottleneck - it couldn't get data to the graphics card as fast as the graphics card could accept the data. So the CPU may be the place to start. He ended up upgrading from a 3-core AMD processor running at around 2.2GHz to a 4-core AMD clocked at 4GHz. (Unfortunately, he upgraded the graphics card at the same time, so I can't tell you with confidence that the new CPU made a huge difference - but everything I've read tells me that there was no point upgrading his graphics card without upgrading the CPU first, else the graphics card would just have sat idle half the time). Check out whether your mobo can support the latest 4-core (or even 6-core or 8-core) CPUs.

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